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1926 Catholic University basketball team

1926 Catholic University basketball team

For shame!

I must admit that I have been very distracted in regards to my blogging duties – but, fear not, as this is not indicative of my basketball research projects. Quiet the contrary!

I have continued my research into old, defunct leagues. Thanks to the phenomenal work at and Total Basketball: The Ultimate Basketball Encyclopedia, I’ve discovered a list 90+ long of non-NBA leagues that operated in America from 1899 to the present day. That is a stats smorgasbord! Now, not every league comes with complete stats – or even complete standings – but there’s a surprising amount of data out there and it’s been a ridiculous amount of fun pouring through it all.

Just to be comprehensive, the leagues I have gone through to date now include the National Basket Ball League (1899-1904), Philadelphia Basket Ball League (1903-1909), New England Basketball League (1904), Western Massachusetts Basketball League (1904), Western Pennsylvania Basketball League (1904), New England Basketball Association (1905), Central Basket Ball League (1907-1912), Eastern Basket Ball League (1910-1918), Hudson River League (1910-1912), New England League (1947-1948), Pacific Coast Professional Basketball League (1947-1948), All-America Professional Basketball League (1948), and Southern Basketball League (1948-1949).

There’s still plenty more to go through – and I’m still not finished with what I’d like to do with the leagues I have researched. The next big get would be to find a copy of The Compendium of Professional Basketball by Robert D. Bradley – which looks to be yet another treasure trove of basketball data. I’ll update you all when I finally manage to get a copy (hopefully for way less than the $900 current asking price!).