Paint brush

A fresh coat of paint

Here’s a secret: my new database is complete. I haven’t made the official announcement as I have to come up with a way to present this data to you or else it’s quite useless. That means a little bit of time spent web developing, but I’ve been short on that resource recently.

However, I have been slowly chipping away at that task. The first thing is to build the framework around it which meant creating a brand, spanking-new skin for my site. I decided to do this from scratch – because I enjoy making any small task harder – and I have enjoyed the challenge. As you can see there are some small variations from the previous way this site looked and I’m still not totally complete, but I’m nearing a good spot to switch to making the data presentation.

Once I have a decent data display up, I’ll throw this to the wolves of several communities to get feedback and start iterating, but it will be game on, dear readers!

Grant Hill

Summer Of Action Part 3: Musical Chairs

UBAS Basketball

The final chapter in my UBAL fantasy offseason moves. I run perilously low on shooting guards and conduct several trades with nothing but increasing the asset’s value in mind. It’s all very meta and wacky, but it does lead to an interesting result!


DB 1.0 is 91% Ready


Another, exciting update about my database progress for all you readers. It’s edge-of-your-seat excitement, I know, but I HAVE eclipsed the 90% mark!

Tim Hardaway

Sweet Moves

UBAL Basketball

It’s been awhile since I wrote about one of the historical, fantasy basketball leagues I’m in. The 12th season of the UBAL just began so here’s how I spent my offseason.

Computer servers

DB 1.0 is 62% Ready


I promised you I’d keep checking in regularly with my database progress and I will keep to my word. Whether or not this post is entertaining at all, however, is another mater entirely.